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Welcome to

This is the home on the web of the UK's most versatile Johnny Depp character impersonator/lookalike and you are hereby invited to enter a wonderland of pirates, scallywags, outlaws, villains, eccentrics and chocolatiers!

● Sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow from the fantastic Pirates of the
   Carribean movies!

● Throw the strangest tea party ever - hosted by The Mad Hatter!

● If you've a sweet tooth then it's the sweet truth that Mr Willy Wonka is the man
   you need!

● He's grim, he's sinister, he's downright scary, yes, it's Sweeney Todd! Just the
   demon barber you need for your spooky event. Great for Hallowe'en!

● If it's a folk hero you're after then there's no-one more heroic than the inimitable
   Robin Hood. Just don't invite any rich Barons to your event, unless of course
   they're comfortable with a little wealth re-distribution!

● If you're in the mood to learn a little but you'd like to mix in a little excitement, then
   Dr What will raise the roof with his crazy experiments! Or he'll just blow your socks
   off. Education with added WOW!

Jonty Depp is much more than just a celebrity lookalike, he's an actalike and soundalike as well and can be accompanied by a veritable host of supporting characters.

Please take a look around the website to find out more about Jonty Depp and about some of the wild and wonderful characters and events that can be organised for your entertainment, whatever the occasion.

Call us now on telephone number: +44 (0) 7807 840460 or send a message to our email address:

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